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IT Departments – What can be done to limit the risk of PST files?


Our most recent blog explored the risks of PST files and puts the question to IT departments, whether they have full control over their companies’ data set and if they are actively dealing with their PST dilemma. What can be done to limit the risks and exposure of PST files to your business? Below highlights the steps to take to understand the data you hold and the actions needed to secure it.

Understand your data. 

The first step to take to begin to protect your company from PST files is to truly understand the data you hold. Only once you have a full and clear understanding of the data set can you begin to take action to manage it. 

What is the data? How large are the files? Where are the PST files being stored? These are the key questions you must be able to answer in order to manage your data. Can your company find out this information? Do you have the resources and capability? Here at TrueSwift, we have the relevant software, coupled with extensive experience to answer these key questions. Moreover, we are able to give further insight into your PST files that may be needed in order to understand how to manage them going forward. Through in-depth analysis and centralised reporting, our expert consultants will be able to let you know key information, such as; who the files belong to, when they were created and when they were last accessed.   


Once you have a clearer picture of the PST files and data you hold, action is needed to make sure your company is compliant and safe going forward. 


A key aspect of managing PST files is the ability to delete those that are no longer needed. By clearing out old data, it allows for greater control over current data and reduces the risk of data loss.  


Rather than deleting the data, you may have a requirement to maintain it, but in a location that has the relevant security and data retention applied. This might mean you need to migrate the data to a central server, ingest into an on-premise email system like Microsoft Exchange, or migrate to a cloud system such as O365 or GSuite.  TrueSwift has over 15 years of migration experience to help you on this journey if that is the remediation that is required. 

Do you require more information on the risks of PST files or what can be done to prevent these risks? If so, get in touch with the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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*A PST Surgery is a complimentary service held by TrueSwift that would consist of a 1:1 call with one of our expert consultants. It will cover off PST trends in the market, options available to your business and answer any questions you may have.

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