Park Your Archive™

Alleviate the pain, risk and cost of running a legacy, on-premise archiving solution.

Park your data and relax!

The service was originally developed for clients wanting to retain access to legacy archived data for search and eDisclosure purposes but didn’t want to run, maintain and manage their own complex, on-premise archiving solution. Security, integrity, and accessibility of data to meet compliance and records management requirements are major challenges and critical email data must be retained to ensure it is legally defensible with full chain-of-custody reports for eDiscovery.

TrueSwift provides and maintains the Park Your Archive solution, allowing clients to search and export their data without the costly maintenance of server infrastructure and employee resources.

TrueSwift currently manages client data for global organisations in energy and finance.

Key Benefits

  • Expensive servers and software can be decommissioned
  • No additional software or servers are required
  • Data is held in a future proof format 

Free Surgery

Request a 1:1 consultation with a TrueSwift expert to learn more information and discuss your questions.


Organisations have unique requirements for eDiscovery, affecting the size and complexity of their archive. TrueSwift experts help them to manage business risk and compliance while reducing costs.

Case Study

Global Energy Company - PYA


Compliance & Disclosure
Data Migrations
Enterprise Vault & eDisclosure

Further Information

for further info on how our consultants can help you with your Archive solutions, contact:

TrueSwift Sales
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