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TrueSwift is an Information and Data Management consultancy that possesses an unmatchable experience within the industry.

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Coupled with an excellent pedigree with many archiving and data management products, TrueSwift is able to offer industry-leading solutions. All of our consultants take pride in the standard of delivery and customer satisfaction that we have gained in our years of experience and we are proud of the results we achieve.

More recently we have developed a suite of solutions designed to promote good GDPR practices to enable clients to reach their objectives and conform to the newly passed EU regulations. As the needs of your business change, we apply our knowledge to ensure we are able to meet these changing demands and ensure we really are the data management experts.

Company History

Formed in 2010 from the core of Symantec’s Professional Services division for archiving, eDisclosure and data migrations.  We have an unrivalled pedigree in the information archiving space with vast experience delivering complex solutions to enterprise scale customers across all markets and sectors (Public and Commercial).

Company Timeline

TrueSwift Timeline

Meet Some of the Team

TrueSwift comprises a mix of highly skilled employees. Here is a brief resume of some of our key staff:

Andrew Salmon
Andrew Salmon
Director & Co-Founder
Kris jones
Kris Jones
Director & Co-Founder
Michael Salmon
Michael Salmon
Paul (Stumpy) Freeman
Paul Freeman
Service Delivery Manager & PM
Nathan York
Nathan York
Technical Team Leader
Steve Sloane
Steve Sloane
Senior Technical Consultant
Staff Member
Anna Tipler

Selected Clients

Some of the clients for which we have delivered successful projects

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The Royal Bank of Scotland is one of the retail banking subsidiaries of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc, together with NatWest and Ulster Bank

Astrium was an aerospace manufacturer subsidiary of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) that provided civil and military space systems and services

Transport for London is a local government body responsible for the transport system in Greater London, England

Honda Motor Company is a Japanese public multinational conglomerate corporation primarily known as a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles, and power equipment

Intu Properties is a British Real Estate Investment Trust, largely focused on shopping centre management and development

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