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TrueSwift Trusted with 1 Billion Message Migration

Are you aware of the volume of data you hold and its value? TrueSwift has successfully completed the secure migration of 1 billion messages for a key client. The client, a FTSE 100 listed company, is based in the UK with over 12,000 employees globally.

The client was migrating from their on-premise Microsoft Exchange to the Exchange Online (‘Office 365’) hosted platform but needed expert assistance with legacy email archived in Veritas Enterprise Vault.  With 180TB/1,000,000,000 legacy emails to migrate within defined timeframes, they engaged with TrueSwift to deliver a fully managed, secure data migration service.

To facilitate the migration process, TrueSwift designed, deployed and managed a temporary migration infrastructure within the client’s environment and managed all aspects of the migration on a remote basis.

Additional project complexity was introduced with the transition from a single-instanced, compliance journal environment to the multi-instanced Office 365 model. To facilitate the transition between storage paradigms, additional expertise and knowledge to produce a robust solution that would scale was required.

A key requirement included adherence to the International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR), a US regulation to control the export of defence & military technologies to safeguard national security.  ITAR export restrictions were identified and appropriate measures were designed to ring fence and secure the data, allowing the client to migrate only compliant data outside of the USA. This drew upon the TrueSwift’s expert knowledge of Enterprise Vault and Discovery Accelerator solutions to provide a scalable solution to identify and isolate the data.

Through the work carried out by TrueSwift, the client has been able to holistically asses and evaluate all email data it holds in a fresh, cloud environment and in line with corporate strategy.  This data holds much value to the company who will be able to utilise it to its full business potential.

Click here to read the full case study and understand how TrueSwift helped the client further.

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