Chemical Industry Enterprise Vault to Office 365 Migration

Project Details

Customer Sector
Chemical Industry
12,000 Active Users
Services Delivered:
Managed migration


The Client is a FTSE 100 listed company based in the UK with over 12,000 employees globally.

The Client was in the process of planning the migration of their Exchange mailbox users from an on-premise solution to the Microsoft Exchange Online (‘Office 365’) hosted platform. They engaged with TrueSwift to provide specialist consultancy services to migrate 180TB / 880,000,000 of historic mailbox and journal messages under management within Enterprise Vault to Office 365.

The Client's Enterprise Vault infrastructure was based upon two geographic deployments, located in the UK and USA to provide global mailbox management and journal capabilities.

About The Engagement

To facilitate the migration process TrueSwift designed and deployed a temporary toolset / server infrastructure within the Client’s environment.

Additional complexity was introduced to the migration with the transition from a journal environment that utilised a single instance storage model in a centralised repository, to Office 365 which utilises a multi-instance model. To facilitate the transition between storage paradigms it required additional expertise and knowledge to produce a robust solution that would scale.

As part of the consulting process ITAR export restrictions were identified and appropriate measures were designed to ring fence and secure the data, allowing the Client to migrate only compliant data outside of the USA. This drew upon TrueSwift’s expert knowledge of Enterprise Vault and Discovery Accelerator solutions to provide a scalable solution to identify and ring fence the data.


  • TrueSwift delivered a plan to achieve the migration of over 180TB of archived data from an on-premise solution to Office 365. The Client received expert knowledge pertaining to this type of project.

  • The Client objectives were achieved in a timely manner.

  • The Client received a flexible approach to the migration that fitted in with the demands of their day to day working.

  • The Client has achieved the goal of extracting the required data of over 1 billion messages at a 99.93% success rate.

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