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What is the future of Enterprise Vault?

Over the last decade, the term Enterprise Vault has started to fade from conversations around the globe and more notably in board rooms, with a turning focus on cloud-based solutions such as Office 365. What does this mean for Enterprise Vault, its future, and where do you move forward as a business owner or IT professional?

Firstly, it is important to really understand Enterprise Vault and the reason behind its use and how it benefits any business. Conceived, developed and released in 1999 by Digital Equipment Corporation, Enterprise Vault (also known as EV) is a commonly used enterprise information archive platform. Used primarily for files and emails, it allows businesses to store, manage and discover information and data across their organisation. By adding structure to large, complex data sets that any growing SME or large business will face, EV was designed to reduce data storage costs, reduce risk and increase compliance capabilities.

As one of the original EV developers at Digital and one of the founding members of KVS in 1999, TrueSwift co-founder Kris Jones has been involved with EV from the very beginning.  Having worked exclusively in this field since, we understand and support technology developments and thus have created an agile team of experienced consultants that work to ensure you are achieving the best results from your data archive platform, whether it be EV based or on the Cloud.

With the introduction of cloud-based solutions, such as Office 365, many existing businesses are choosing to migrate their EV data set to the cloud, with over 43% of all businesses now fully cloud based. However, the question remains, should businesses be migrating to the cloud? Is it trusted, and where does this leave EV?

Whilst there are many direct benefits of a cloud-based solution, there is a strong argument that EV still plays a much-needed role today.

Core benefits that Enterprise Vault can still provide include:

  • Access to a full range of data, from emails to files, access may still be required under company or business sector policies and GDPR. Furthermore, in order for business to ‘continue as normal’ employees or business owners may still need access to historic data such as old employee emails or old files. Ensuring EV is set up and structured correctly, access to the above is assured.
  • EV also remains a cost-effective way of managing large data sets. Factoring in potential migration costs to the cloud and the cost of large data sets in platforms such as Office 365, EV may work out as potentially more cost effective.
  • Very strong compliance capabilities allowing many organisations the ability to comply with strict email compliance regulations.
  • Email ‘journal’ and eDiscovery. The ability to archive & retain every email in and out of an organisation remains a popular feature, especially with its support for O365.  EV’s proven Discovery Accelerator platform, facilitates industrial scale search and discovery across all archived content
  • Archiving increasing numbers of data sources. As an archiving platform, EV now supports a growing number of data sources.
  • A further key benefit that EV presents is the ability for companies to self-check and ensure their data is protected. By hosting data on-premises allows for greater control and clarity on data protection that may be unclear on the cloud.

Whilst there are both advantages and disadvantages of the continued use of Enterprise Vault, there are key activities your business must take now if it continues to use EV. These measures include:

  • EV Health checks: tests and analysis of your EV environment will ensure it is running as it should and continuing to provide a benefit to your business.
  • EV Upgrades: Ensure EV is operating at its highest potential and remains in support by upgrading it to its most effective solution.
  • EV Redesign: Whether it is a simple EV re-platforming or a complete redesign, this will ensure your company is safe, secure and operating efficiently. 

With clear benefits that Enterprise Vault still provides today, it is evident that whilst losing ground to the likes of O365, it still has a future and a place for aiding businesses. However, businesses must take the appropriate steps, as outlined above, to ensure their EV is operating to its most cost efficient and secure potential, ensuring you are ahead of the game.








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