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Data Breaches – Could you spot an ‘Insider Threat’?


Continuous research suggests that ‘Insider Threats’ are responsible for around three-quarters of security breaches. There’s little doubt about how detrimental this type of threat can be to a company and its

business-critical data - furthermore it can have a lasting impact on an organisation’s reputation. 

One of the reasons this type of threat holds such a risk is the difficulty businesses face in identifying and acting upon what an insider threat is. Do you know what one looks like? Could you spot one? Is your business prepared to deal with an insider threat? Here at TrueSwift, we have recently added ZoneFox to our list of selected partners, which specialises in insider threats and preparing firms about how to spot them. This service allows our customers to protect their valuable data and more importantly, to comply with the GDPR requirements to protect personal data from insider threats.

To aid businesses seeking to tackle this most insidious of threats, our partners ZoneFox have produced an extensive guide to help firms understand and identify future insider risks. This will deliver a detailed outlook of insider profiles and help you fully understand the reasoning behind insider threats, the causes and the actions to take to limit their damage.

The guide will take you through a step-by-step process on how to spot the various types of insider threat - from the employee planning to leave, to the disgruntled, and the corporate spy. Coupled with a detailed analysis on the procedures and steps you and your business can take to identify a threat and how to ensure damage limitation, this guide can be invaluable to you.

Don’t leave your business exposed to insider threats and unprepared. Request your ‘Insider Threat Profiles Guide’ and start protecting your business!

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