Investment Company Enterprise Vault Public Folder Migration

Project Details

Customer Sector
Investment Firm
10,400,000 messages
Services Delivered:
Migration Consultancy Services


Legal & General - Investment Management is a UK based investment company with an array of clients and a large workforce. The Client approached TrueSwift in 2018 with the need to migrate 653GB of data in the form of 10,400,000 messages.

The migration source was a number of Exchange public folders that had been archived by Enterprise Vault. The migration target was the original on-premises Exchange Server.

About The Engagement

The Client engaged with TrueSwift to provide specialist consultancy services to migrate 653GB / 10.4M messages from a number of public folders they possessed to their original on-premises Exchange folder. The project goal was to visit the customer site to install TransVault Migrator software on a dedicated migration server.

This was a fully-managed migration but with the infrastructure being hosted on the customer site. Following the installation, the software was configured and the migration tasks created for the public folder migration. All migration work was then carried out via a secure, remote connection.

A technical challenge that our team had to overcome was ‘auto-reply’ folder rule customisations on the public folder mailboxes that could be triggered on mailbox changes with adverse effects. This was solved by our consultants and the migration completed successfully.


  • TrueSwift delivered a plan to achieve the migration of over 10.4 million messages from public folders to Exchange mailboxes. The Client received expert knowledge pertaining to this type of project.

  • The customer objectives were achieved in a timely manner.
  • The Client received a flexible approach to the migration that fitted in with the demands of their day to day working

Customer Testimonial

“From start to finish TrueSwift and their expert consultants provided us with a high quality service and very useful knowledge in email data management. The project requirement that we set TrueSwift was to migrate 653 GB of data in the form of 10,400,000 messages from a number of Exchange Public Folders archived by Enterprise Vault to our original on-premises Exchange Server. A difficult and large task that was handled efficiently and effectively by Steve Sloane our designated TrueSwift consultant.

I’d be happy to recommended TrueSwift and we will look to use them again for data management projects and requirements going forward”

Chris Hall - Interim Head of Technology Engineering

About TrueSwift

TrueSwift is a Symantec\Veritas Consulting Services spin-off company and are accredited as holding Archiving & eDiscovery Delivery Partner Master Specialist status. Prior to forming, our Directors were professional services specialists at Symantec dedicated to delivering Enterprise Vault related services. Our resources include members of the original Engineering development team for the EV product as far back as 1997 and since that time we have been delivering vendor-quality professional services in the EV space.

TrueSwift have developed with the changing demand for archiving and archiving related products and have formed partnerships with a number of leaders in the market place to provide archiving solutions and migration services. As such they are now perfectly placed to help manage the archiving environment through its lifecycle whilst helping customers to meet their current and future data management requirements.

TrueSwift have a great track record – and loyal customers who have worked with them over a number of years.

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