TrueSwift Migration Factory™ for email archives

A simple, fast, 1-step archive migration process with reduced overheads


A migration factory refers to the people, processes and tools that help an organisation plan, execute and support workload migrations. The TrueSwift solution offers clients an effortless way of dealing with legacy archived data, providing a 1-step migration process to migrate data between legacy source and target destination.

In the planning phase, the most appropriate migration approach is considered, such as a single workload migration or migrations spanning multiple phases or groups. The cloud migration factory organises and prepares the chosen cloud provider's resources and illustrates the business value of migration to stakeholders.

Once the planning phase is complete, the people, processes and tools execute the actual data move. The goal is to employ an efficient workload migration process that includes:

  • provisioning
  • testing
  • cutovers
  • monitoring
  • auditing
  • troubleshooting and rollbacks, as necessary.

The completed migration is audited and validated to ensure the workload has been accurately and securely migrated to the target platform.

TrueSwift Migration Factory

TrueSwift Migration Factory coordinates and automates large-scale, archived data migrations, significantly reducing the load on internal resources and infrastructure. It enables enterprises to improve performance, reduce project timeframes and prevent long cutover windows by automating manual processes and efficiently integrating multiple tools.

Typical archive migration projects require clients to provision and host Windows servers, SQL Server, storage, and network bandwidth, as well as providing remote access to facilitate the management of the project. Migration Factory alleviates this burden by transferring all overheads away from the client’s environment, supplying and managing all required infrastructure. Within the factory, high performance and optimised infrastructure is pre-configured and ready to securely process source data to its target platform.

Network contention within a client’s environment can throttle archive migration speeds so the factory’s high-speed networks are ideal for migration activity. The fully hosted, fully managed service facilitates the fast and secure movement of email archives between platforms. As independent migration specialists, we offer a wide range of migration technologies that enables us to use ‘the right tool for the job’ for any given migration scenario.

Key Features

  • Fully Hosted, Fully Managed Migration
  • Secure, ISO 27001 Facilities
  • Zero Load on Client Network
  • Zero Load on Client Source Platform
  • No Additional Servers or Software
  • Simple, One-Step Migration

Platforms currently supported

Sources Targets

 - Enterprise Vault

 - EAS

 - ArchiveOne

 - Cloud-based archives

 - PST

 - Lotus Notes NSF

 - O365

 - Google

 - Cloud-based archives include:
     Barracuda, Enterprise Vault.Cloud, Proofpoint, Mimecast

 - PST

 - TrueSwift Park Your Archive

Key Benefits

  • Cost savings - customers don’t need to provision extra infrastructure or storage
  • Security – email content is safe as only the email metadata is required to migrate the items
  • Simplicity - there is no need to setup remote access
  • Speed - for migrations to and from the cloud, network bandwidth constraints are not an issue
  • Compliance enforcement - a full chain of custody ensures that every stage of the email items migration is recorded to guarantee that it hasn’t changed.

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Migrations can be complicated projects. With TrueSwift Migration Factory the effort and stress is managed by TrueSwift freeing you to get on with your day to day business.

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