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March 2018

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  1. TrueSwift’s new website
  2. TrueSwift Expertise: How well do you know your on premises archive?
  3. TVCC and TrueSwift Webinar
  4. Webinar - “Business Data, What Lurks Within?”
  5. Top Tips: What does data really cost an organisation?

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Latest Blog News

Data Breaches – Could you spot an ‘Insider Threat’?


Continuous research suggests that ‘Insider Threats’ are responsible for around three-quarters of security breaches. There’s little doubt about how detrimental this type of threat can be to a company and its

Email – friend or foe? Article by Kris Jones

Email Blog

 Email is one of the most convenient and prolific means of business communication.  For many, it is just a transient business commodity, but for others, it can be mined to produce powerful business intelligence.

PST files - yet another headache?

Man with Hands in Head

IT departments have long been aware of the technical and business issues relating to Personal Storage Tables (backup files for old emails and other items).  Invariably, apathy has led to their proliferation throughout the 

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