Park Your Archive for legacy email data

Project Details

Customer Sector
Leading, multinational energy company

15k+ employees

Business Results
  • Long-term compliant retention of business data
  • Lower costs
  • Instantly searchable
  • Faster responses to Subject Access Requests (SARs)

Large volumes of legacy email data create a storage and management headache as it becomes harder, more time consuming and expensive to maintain and manage.

The costs of migrating it into one place is weighed against the complexity of maintaining and searching email records. While electronic evidence is admissible in legal and compliance procedures, it can be easily altered, deleted, or even lost during a physical move, so organisations have both a legal obligation as well as a duty of care in maintaining its integrity, security, and value.

Key Challenges

As part of a global, cloud data migration project, the business needed a solution to store a significant volume of legacy email data for an unknown period, but for a minimum of 3 years.

The data needed to be online and immediately accessible to a team of named individuals to perform flexible eDiscovery searches on demand across all content. Search results were required within set timeframes with the ability to export the results for further analysis.

Full auditing of all searches and export activities to preserve chain of custody needed to be retained for regulatory compliance procedures. Business stakeholders needed to be reassured that critical and sensitive data was transferred securely to a third-party service.


Historical email data was identified, encrypted, and securely migrated into the Park Your Archive solution.

Following ingestion, a team of named individuals from the client's compliance team was granted self-service access to respond to search requests from HR, legal and other compliance teams.

Using the intuitive search interface, the team was able to locate emails and export relevant contents quickly and efficiently for further in-house processing and review.

Park Your Archive 4 Stage Plan


Identification of the client's in-scope data to be transferred into Park Your Archive


Secure transfer of the encrypted data


Audited ingestion of client data


Efficient, self-service search and export across all content


Park Your Archive has enabled our client to:

  • Retain critical, historical emails in compliance with current corporate retention policies
  • Reduce storage, management and data backup costs
  • Minimise costs and the impact on IT departments across the globe
  • Increase compliance with GDPR and other regulatory procedures
  • Achieve faster and more comprehensive responses to Subject Access Requests (SARs) across all email content

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