Musgrave C2C ArchiveOne Migration

Project Details

Customer Sector
Food Retail

550 User Archives in C2C ArchiveOne
2TB of archived data


Fully managed
Remote migration

Services Delivered:

Source Platform Validation
Migration planning
Managed extraction
TrueSwift's Archive-X extraction tool

Musgrave is Ireland’s leading food retail, wholesale, and food service company. They held critical email data in a legacy, on-premise archive solution, Barracuda ArchiveOne but due to its age and state, internal attempts to extract data manually had not been successful. A secure, efficient extraction and migration of the legacy archived data was essential.

Key Challenges

Once ArchiveOne was discontinued, it could no longer be maintained and supported. Critical business data needed to be migrated to the current Barracuda Archiver solution where it could be available to end users and compliance teams. A managed service was required that would enable legacy data to be securely and efficiently migrated.


A fully managed service identified and extracted all the key data to a format ready to be ingested into Barracuda Archiver. The entire technical engagement was carried out remotely, allowing for flexible access to the environment with minimal client interaction.  Delivering on a remote basis helped to save a great deal of time and more significantly, it reduced project costs. 

The project was by no means straightforward and required a workaround solution. The initial plan was to use an Application Programming Interface (API) extraction method to gain access to the source data. On inspection of the ArchiveOne platform, archived data was visible on disk, but the underlying application was not found to be operational, which discounted an API-based approach.  Using unique knowledge of archiving platforms and data extraction techniques, a custom solution was developed to solve the issue. 

Using the TrueSwift Archive-X extraction tool, all available ArchiveOne data was extracted on a per-user basis, maintaining the original folder structure in a format ready to be processed by the Barracuda Archiver ingestion procedures.

Following project migration governance, several emails that had not been extracted were clearly identified.  Investigation showed that this was due to missing source data files on disk.  Working with the client’s backup team, a significant number of offending files were identified and restored from a previous backup which were then successfully processed.

Extraction results showed that 100% of available data was successfully extracted.  This equated to 1.6TB of data for 560 user archives successfully extracted whilst maintaining Chain of Custody.

Derry McCarthy, IT Manager of Musgrave said, “Throughout the engagement, we had regular calls with TrueSwift to ensure that we were up to date with progress and any issues. It was a very complex project so regular reporting provided detailed insight into performance and other throughput metrics. TrueSwift’s expertise also helped identify and resolve anomalies that enabled us to restore and retain the maximum amount of company data. Considerable time and costs were saved as the solution was delivered remotely without affecting our day-to-day business activities”.


  • Extracting data in a per user format whilst maintaining the user folder structures has allowed the end user experience to be maintained in the new archive platform.
  • The maximum volume of source email data was retained by identifying missing source data files.
  • Having successfully extracted the data, the client was able to move to a supported platform yet retain access to critical legacy data.
  • Expert knowledge of archive migration projects requiring a custom solution resulted in reduced costs.
  • A flexible approach to the migration process fitted in with the demands of the client’s day to day working with no impact on project deadlines.

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