The list below gives detail to some of the services we offer. However, this is not a comprehensive list of our services, so if the service you require is not listed we are happy to recommend and build a bespoke set of professional services to exactly meet your situation. To discuss any of your requirements, please contact Sales.

Archiving - Enterprise Vault Services

Enterprise Vault is a large complicated application that means each customer will have a different services requirement depending on the size and complexity of their organisation. The main EV services are:

  • Solution Design (large or complicated implementations)
  • SME implementation (smaller or simpler implementations)
  • Health Checks (for long running EV implementations, or to sanity check an install)
  • Upgrades (this will sometimes include a hardware refresh)
  • Hardware Refresh
  • PST Migrations (Using EV or 3rd party toolsets)

Solution Design

For organisations that have a complex environment, many server or service components, or a large number of users, we would perform a Design Workshop in order to produce a Solution Design document detailing the configuration and storage required for the next 3 years.

Following an agreed Design, we would work with the customer to implement the service whilst transferring knowledge to the Business as Usual team.

We can optionally help with a Proof of Concept, a limited Pilot, and Go Live assistance. Additionally, Disaster Recovery and High Availability testing is usually performed.

SME Implementation

With our extensive experience designing and implementing Enterprise Vault for large or complex customer environments, we are ideally placed to quickly and efficiently implement Enterprise Vault in small or simple environments where a full Solution Design is not desired. 

Undertaking a shorter engagement does not detract from the high standard of delivery. TrueSwift would ensure that knowledge is still transferred to the customer during the engagement, and a document will be left detailing the customers' policy configuration at the time of the implementation.

Health Checks

When Enterprise Vault has been installed for some time, there may be new policies or features that would help optimise the environment that customers are unaware of. Also over time, small issues with the environment could start to escalate into a bigger problem. 

We can sanity check the configuration and policies currently being used, perform remedial fixes if the customer change control will allow, and analyse the log files and overall system performance. From our visit we would then document any fixes that were not performed during the site visit along with our full findings and make recommendations where appropriate.


For existing Enterprise Vault customers we can help with the upgrade. This can be for single or multi version upgrades. This will usually entail a brief health check to make sure that the environment is ready to be upgraded, followed by the upgrade itself. 

Due to our extensive experience of Enterprise Vault we would also advise on the new features and any policy changes that a customer should consider post upgrade. We realise that a lot of organisations require out of hours downtime, and are happy to facilitate this.

Hardware Refreshes

Some customers have a requirement to move to a new environment. This might be new hardware, or to a new Exchange and Domain environment. Our consultants have run projects to migrate many different scenarios. 

A typical project would start with a workshop to discuss the requirements and challenges, followed by a document describing the approach and steps required. Lastly we would work with the customer to actually perform the migration.

PST Migrations

We would typically hold a workshop to discuss the extent of the PST problem a customer has. During this workshop the consultant would discuss the various options available, including the option of using 3rd party applications. By the end of the workshop the customer will have a clear understanding of the pros and cons for each of the migration methods and an idea of the approach that will work for them.

Our consultant would document the discussions and the agreed approach. We can then assist the customer with the initial migrations or manage the whole migration process on behalf of the customer, freeing up internal resources to focus on their usual company tasks.

Cloud Services

TrueSwift are specialists in Cloud services - managing the complete project from license procurement, implementation of the new Cloud service, to legacy migration to the Cloud. With the legacy on premise Enterprise Vault experience of TrueSwift consultants it was a logical progression for TrueSwift to become Symantec.Cloud partners.

Enterprise is a true cloud-based archiving service that helps organisations intelligently store, manage, and discover business-critical information. It securely captures information in a centralised and tamperproof online repository.

Users can search their personal archives in seconds, directly from their familiar email client or any supported Web browser, and quickly locate their intended information using advanced search filtering capabilities.

By providing legal teams with direct, roles-based access to the archive, Enterprise reduces the burden on IT and expedites the legal discovery process with its realtime, iterative search functionality and built-in collaborative eDisclosure workflow.

Requiring no mandatory hardware or software, the service is easy to deploy and maintain, and provides unlimited storage for a predictable monthly fee.

The service has two components:

  • Symantec Enterprise Vault™–Provides end users with rapid access to their personal archives directly from their familiar email client or any supported Web browser.
  • Symantec Enterprise Vault™–Provides legal teams with direct, self-service access to the archive, where they can create, manage, and collaborate on e-Disclosure cases.

As well as migrating data from Enterprise Vault on premise to EV.Cloud, TrueSwift can help new customers migrate to Office 365 with or without EV.Cloud managing the email archive.

On premise Enterprise Vault customers who would like the old archived data in the Vault partitions to be stored in the Cloud can via various supported Cloud providers whilst leaving the most recent archive content on premise.

For all your Cloud requirements, please contact our Sales department to discuss.

Data Migrations

Our consultants have designed and run many migrations for customers moving between archiving products or to the Cloud. For instance EAS to Enterprise Vault, SourceOne to Enterprise Vault, EmailXtender to Enterprise Vault HP RISS to Enterprise Vault, Enterprise Vault to EV.Cloud, or Enterprise Vault to Office 365.

The migration tools used by TrueSwift can be used to migrate between email environments like Domino to Exchange, or Exchange to Office 365. This process can also be used to migrate between 2 different Enterprise Vault environments.

The process for any migration usually follows the same format These steps are:

  • Workshop to plan the migration
  • Optional Lab or PoC migration to confirm and test the migration process
  • Pilot that will allow a more accurate estimation for the migration duration and fine tuning of the migration approach
  • Migration of remaining data. This can be either performed by the customer with a light touch from TrueSwift, or TrueSwift performing a managed migration service


Electronic Legal Discovery (e-Disclosure) is a growing concern for organisations in EMEA. e-Disclosure is not restricted to emails, but encompasses file server stored data, Web Site content, Instant Messages and any other electronic form of data. 

TrueSwift has many years’ experience in designing e-Disclosure infrastructures and can also offer an e-Disclosure guided service. This is where our consultants will guide the customer through the whole discovery process from collecting the data, defining search rules, redacting content to producing the refined search results for the Legal Council.

Less common in EMEA, but still required by some customers is a Legal Compliance tool. TrueSwift consultants have many years’ experience defining and installing a compliance application that will add a minimum percentage of emails, random sampling, or fixed search term to a review set for a target group of custodians with the option of also weighting results on hotwords.

Custom Software Development

Occasionally customers have a requirement for a tool that is not available through the native Enterprise Vault product. 

In most situations our development team are able to produce a bespoke tool, or have already created the tool. If you have an enhancement or tool requirement, contact our Sales department.