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TrueSwift Migration Factory™ successful migrates 11TB of data

When a utility company needed to migrate their mailboxes to Office 365, they chose TrueSwift. TrueSwift worked with them to determine their volume, impact and migration strategy, which was successfully concluded on schedule. Read the full story below.





Customer or Sector

Utility Company


~3,600 Users / 45m messages / 11TB


TrueSwift Migration Factory™

Services Delivered

Archive Migration





What was the problem?


A UK based utility company were planning to migrate mailboxes from an on-premise Exchange infrastructure to Office 365. Zantaz EAS had been deployed alongside Exchange as part of a storage management strategy which had grown to contain 11TB of mail.

As an on-premise only archiving solution, it was necessary to decommission Zantaz EAS alongside the transition to Office 365. To enable this, the company required expert professional services to migrate the archived email between the incompatible Zantaz EAS and Office 365 environments.


How TrueSwift helped


The customer had determined the need to migrate the email stored within the legacy Zantaz EAS environment to Office 365 but did not have the experience to implement this business-critical requirement.

TrueSwift presented both a managed on-premise migration, utilising the company’s infrastructure, and the remotely hosted TrueSwift Migration Factory™, working from a replica of the EAS document stores and Oracle database.

Following consideration, the TrueSwift Migration Factory™ solution was chosen as it required no additional infrastructure to be deployed and removed the risk of causing congestion on the already heavily utilised Internet connectivity.

TrueSwift worked with the company to identify the volume of email to be migrated, the impact of date based filtering and develop a strategy for migrating the archived messages, incorporating: 

  • Co-existence during migration
  • Migration Scheduling
  • Handling oversize messages
  • Enforcing age-based retention for compliance
  • Legacy stub/shortcut removal
  • Chain of Custody

Through regular weekly reporting the company were kept informed of migration progress. By incorporating key metrics and archive level progression, the customer is now able to maintain a close understanding of all aspects of the migration.  Weekly reporting is complemented with a weekly project manager call to ensure the smooth operation of the migration.

The migration concluded successfully, on schedule, with a sub 0.01% failure rate. Investigation indicated that failures were due to historic message loss in the source environment.


Why choose TrueSwift?


  • By choosing TrueSwift, the customer benefited from 10 years+ experience of migrating archive messages between platforms.
  • TrueSwift is vendor neutral, ensuring the most appropriate tooling is utilised for the specific migration scenario.
  • Fixed costs, determined by the volume of email to migrate, ensured the migration was delivered on budget.
  • There are no temporary infrastructure requirements to host the migration servers or provide additional network capacity to the Internet.
  • There are no additional headcount requirements to manage the migration process


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