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Scientific Engineering

Environment ~6,800 Users
Symantec Products/Solutions Enterprise Vault
Services Delivered Health Check, Upgrades, Migrations, Design and Deployment


A scientific engineering organisation were experiencing reliability issues with their File archiving and Mail archiving Enterprise Vault environment.

About the Engagement

The customer had installed Enterprise Vault themselves, but the EV employee then left the company. The current staff inherited the environment and had to manage EV by reading many technical whitepapers. Over the years there had not been any regular maintenance or upgrades so the customer’s staff were reactive rather than proactive.

The initial engagement with the customer was to health check the mail and file Enterprise Vault 2007 archiving environments in preparation for an upgrade. The initial health check identified issues with the SQL servers.  TrueSwift  fixed these issues which was further complicated with 2 SQL servers in different geographic locations. The upgrade then proceeded but failed due to corrupt SQL tables. TrueSwift rolled back the upgrade so that the customer could continue to work, whilst the SQL corruption was investigated.

TrueSwift worked with Symantec support to identify and correct the missing table entries and then the upgrade was completed successfully.

TrueSwift activities included:

  • Initial health check with recommendations for best practice configuration
  • Fix SQL Collation issues
  • Identify and fix corrupt and missing SQL table entries
  • Perform upgrade of Enterprise Vault from EV2007 to EV8
  • Test upgrade was successful and pass on knowledge to customer about new EV8 features

Following the initial health check and upgrade, TrueSwift  continues to work with the customer and has more recently completed the following:

  • Further EV upgrades to the latest versions
  • Migration options workshop
  • Design and build a new EV10 environment in new AD Forest
  • Migration from the old unmanaged EV environment to the new EV10 environment in the new forest and new hardware
  • Discussions and demos around eDiscovery with the view to adding Discovery Accelerator


  • By working with TrueSwift, Symantec Technical Support requirements were reduced or removed due to the knowledge of the highly experienced Symantec partner consultants
  • The customer objectives were achieved without project creep
  • The customer faith in the product was returned so that they have not removed Enterprise Vault, and have now implemented EV in a new area of the business

Why TrueSwift

TrueSwift have a long association with Symantec as a delivery partner having worked on behalf of Symantec  on many occasions.  Their delivery team have extensive experience with Enterprise Vault and work with a wide range of customers from SME to 100,000 user banking organisations providing design, implementation, upgrades, health checks and migration services.

TrueSwift have a great track record – and loyal customers who have worked with them over a number of years.


For more information contact TrueSwift via email, phone, or send us a tweet:

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